International Journal of Medical Case Reports

Volume 3, Issue 1, March 2024

  • Case Report

    A Case of Amoxycillin-Induced Pediatric Lyell Syndrome in a Provincial Hospital in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

    Mireille Ngale*, Thierry Mpengani, Percy Velela, Jean-Jacques Mbebo, Tarcisse Kilara, Silva Kasereka, Gauthier Mesia, Nsengi Ntamabyaliro, Samuel Mampunza, Gaston Tona

    Issue: Volume 3, Issue 1, April 2024
    Pages: 1-4
    Received: 5 December 2023
    Accepted: 26 December 2023
    Published: 18 January 2024
    Abstract: Lyell syndrome is a rare and potentially fatal condition. It represents a serious cutaneous adverse drug reaction, often caused by drugs. Lyell syndrome and Steven-Johnson syndrome have an identical clinical expression and differ from each other only in the body surface area involved. They are characterized by the sudden destruction and detachment ... Show More
  • Research Article

    Climate Change Impacts on Malaria Incidence: A 10-Year Retrospective Analysis in Luapula and Southern Zambia

    Joshua Kanjanga Phiri*, Rosemary Ndonyo Likwa

    Issue: Volume 3, Issue 1, March 2024
    Pages: 5-12
    Received: 31 January 2024
    Accepted: 12 February 2024
    Published: 29 February 2024
    Abstract: This study examines the impact of climate change on the incidence of malaria in Zambia. The study focused on variations in prevalence influenced by climatic and environmental factors. This study adopted a retrospective comparative analytical approach, utilizing 157 case records from each province. The survey investigated temperature, seasonal varia... Show More